Each year the State of Florida issues school grades to all public schools that qualify.* School grades are based primarily on the results of state-wide student achievement assessments called the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) which includes End-of- Course Exams (EOCs).

The following components are included in the grade calculation:

  • Achievement (percentage of students scoring Level 3 or higher) in reading, math, science. Social studies achievement is also included for middle and high schools.
  • Learning gains in reading and math. Learning gains are generally measured by the movement of students from one achievement level (or sublevel) to another.
  • Percentage of students in accelerated courses like Algebra 1 and industry certification for middle schools and Advanced Placement, dual enrollment, IB, AICE, or Industry Certification for high schools.
  • Graduation Rate (high schools only)

* Some kinds of schools and special programs are excluded from the grading system (e.g. Dept. of Juvenile Justice centers, special education centers, etc.).

FLDOE School and District Grade Reports

Below is the breakdown of the academic degrees of the full-time staff, administrators, and teachers currently working at this school.

Highest Education Level Total Percentage
Bachelors degree or Other Qualifications 19 50.00%
Masters degree 15 39.47%
Specialist degree 3 7.89%
Doctorate degree 1 2.63%